Will my large pieces of furniture fit in my storage room?

Absolutely! Our storage rooms are specially designed to fit all different types of furniture and other household goods, such as sofa's, dressers, dining tables, and even washers and dryers. Our storage rooms hold between 280-300 cubic feet, or up to 3,000 pounds. 

I live in an aprtment building on a busy city street, will this be a problem for me? 
Not at all! We can always find a conveniently located space to place your storage room, remember we are mobile! 

How can I pack my storage room in a way that can be fully utilized? 
The most important thing for you to know in packing your storage room is to have a well thought out plan in advance. Preparation can make all the difference in utilizing your storage room to its fullest potential. You can refer to our tips on packing page for some creative and professional ideas. Our driver can also provide you with useful packing tips. 

How will I know if I need more than one room? 
Our storage rooms can generally fit a room's worth of goods. If you can provide our customer service representative with a complete inventory we can determine the amount of space you will need; or you can have some fun doing it yourself with the space estimator now available on our website at www.nymobilestorage.com. 

If I am packing my storage room myself, can I keep it over night if i need more time than just a couple of hours? 
Absolutely. You can hold on to the storage room for however long you think it may take you to pack. We understand in certain situations it may take 2 days or even a week, we can certainly accommodate all of your storage needs. If you need to hold on to the room for more than 12 hours a deposit would be required, and fully re-funded upon return of the storage room back to our facility. Please understand that you would be fully responsible for the safekeeping of the room while it is in your possession. If you reside on a busy street or there is no convenient place to leave your storage room for an extended period of time, and if your pick up will brought back to our storage facility on the same day, we do provide you with 2 hours of waiting time for the first room, and 1 hour for each additional room. 

If I need help packing my belongings into my storage room can you provide the labor? 
Sure! If you chose for us to pack your room for you, we can provide that at an additional cost. Since there are many aspects and details pertaining to packing your room that we may not be aware of, it would be best to speak directly with one of our customer service representatives directly when scheduling your appointment. 

What if I do not need any labor, but I need packing supplies? 
We carry a large variety of materials for all of your packing needs. Packing supplies such as, book boxes, tv boxes, linen boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. Is available for purchase, either on the day of your pick up, or even in advance! And to make things just a little bit more convenient for you, we can deliver your boxes to you at no charge even if you place your order in advance.

When can I access my storage? 
Whenever you need to! We always appreciate 24 hours advance notice, so that we can prep your room for you before your arrival. 

When I no longer need storage, can you deliver my room back to me like you did on the pick up? 
Yes! We can bring your storage room to your home, so that you can conveniently take your goods out of storage. There may be an additional fee based on your delivery location. 

How are the storage rooms protected? 
Our storage facility is located indoors, so you do not have to worryo about unpredictable weather such as, rain storms, snow storms, hurricanes, floods, etc. 

What type of security is provided at your storage facility? 
We have a state of the art security system, which monitors our entire facility 24 hours a day 7 days per week. 

How much does mobile self-storage cost? 
Prices will vary depending on the amount of rooms you are renting, and the location of your pick up. You can call our customer service department at (866) 497-7223, where one of our customer service representatives can provide you with a free and accurate quote. 

Why choose mobile self-storage? 
Convenience at an affordable cost…it's as simple as that! No truck rentals or moving company expenses ever again!