Tips on Packing

Begin by making a well thought out plan. Planning which materials you will need (bubble wrap, tape, blankets, paper, boxes, rope, palates) and how you will pack your goods into the storage unit in advance, will help you utilize the unit to its fullest capacity. The storage unit is 5x8x7 1/2 in size, which would be between 250-300 cubic feet. Here you can find some helpful suggestions on getting the most out of your storage unit designed by our storage professionals.

Wrap all fragile items with bubble wrap or paper (do not use newspaper as the ink may smudge and rub off on your items). Tape the ends to keep it secure, and fill the boxes up with paper as filler. You can also store light items at the top of the stack.

Mirrors and pictures should be well wrapped before boxed. You can also put some extra padding inside the box. Never place mirrors and pictures flat down.

When packing large heavy items such as books, tape the boxes to prevent tearing or collapsing. They should also be packed towards the rear of the unit, and at the bottom of the stack.

Wrap and stand mattresses and couches on end to give yourself some extra space. Remove couch cushions and pillows. You can put them in bags and use them as fillers in between boxes.

Stack chairs on top of one another. You can use paper, blankets or sheets in between chairs to avoid scratching.

If your table cannot be disassembled, lay it down so that the legs are upright. You can wrap the surface with blankets to protect the finish.

Always make sure your appliances are clean (ie. Refrigerators, washing machines, and microwaves), and leave them slightly open to prevent mildew from moisture. You can also use empty appliances as additional storage space for little and light weight items.

When packing and storing clothes, drapes and curtains it is best to use wardrobe boxes with metal rods on hangers to keep the shape of the items.

Always label your boxes accordingly.

NEVER store anything flammable (lighters, gasoline, paint, oil, etc...)

REMEMBER that your storage unit will be on our truck from you home to our facility, so make sure all of your boxes, fragile items, appliances, and furniture are packed snug and tight to prevent shaking and moving around while in transit.

If you follow these suggestions than organizing your storage unit will be a simple and uncomplicated process, and you will get the most out of utilizing the space that it can provide.